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Limmys Build My Garden Blocks 105 PCS

Limmys Build My Garden Blocks 105 PCS

STEM AIDS DEVELOPMENT - Our 105 piece kids garden toys are considered STEM toys. It’s one of those outdoor toys that fosters and encourages problem-solving skills by allowing your child to analyze problems and find solutions to it. This toy is a great way to improve your child’s creativity, motor skills, analytical and problem-solving ability, as well as design skills - teaching your child to see problems in a different light and to think outside the box.

ENDLESS COMBINATIONS - Each snap-on piece of our fun flower building toy set is
compatible with toy building blocks from other brands. Each set comes with a colourful assortment of plants and garden flowers making our kids outdoor toys for the garden and playrooms a great way for your child to combine and design her own virtual garden any way she likes. Our garden toys for children also indirectly teaches your child about stacking and construction while having fun.

EASY TO CLEAN BUILDING TOYS - All the components of our flower building toy set were designed for easy cleaning. All you need to do is apply a mild baby soap or shampoo to clean our build a garden blocks set. Also, we strongly suggest that you clean each piece of our outdoor toys for toddlers before use.

100% CHILD SAFE - Each piece is made from safe tough plastic - the type that won’t easily chip, break or discolour even after months of heavy outdoor use. This does not only make our educational toys a sound investment; being reusable also makes it eco-friendly compared to other toddler toys.


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