Everybody likes to dream

And we are no different. Before creating Limmys we sat down and thought about what we wanted from life. It was a great exercise as it gave us the opportunity to look at the endless opportunities out there, look at what skills we have and see what we could produce.

The main things that are important to us are health and happiness, which is consistent with almost everybody on the planet. Using our skills was another thing that came up. Being able to do what we love, having some control over our destiny and giving back to people who do not have the same opportunities as us.

So, we looked at several opportunities and found that the market was saturated with lots of low-quality products and we decided to use our skills and give people a better choice.

Turning our dream into a reality

We made a commitment to using the best materials available to us and not launching our products until we were 100% happy. Our first product was our Child swim vest for boys. Many days, nights and weekends of hard work and lots of fun and Limmys was born.

We followed this up by launching a set of magnetic building blocks which are ideal for young children (and adults) to improve their cognitive skills while having fun and the opportunity for kids and parents to spend quality time together.

We realised our dream when Amazon awarded us the BEST SELLER badge for our swim vests across Europe.

Where next for Limmys!

As a result of customer feedback, we are expanding the brand globally. Our reach already covers 3 continents and plans are in place to expand even further. Expect to see our products in stores near you in the coming months.

Both our swimwear and toys collections have some exciting additions in the planning stage and will be ready to launch in the very near future.

Our priorities and focus remain the same and our after sales service is something that we are very proud of. Our customers are the reason that we could realise our dream, and this is something that we do not take for granted.

You can always get hold of us at info@limmyskids.com

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us.