How To Best Resume Training

In this article, we will be talking about how to best resume training.


Begin with short sessions, paying no attention to the quality or quantity of your workouts. This will enable you to build a solid foundation for the next weeks.

Following the first few weeks, gradually increase your workout. Again, you must progress gradually and consistently. You can start introducing more accurate work once you have been consistently progressing after a few weeks.


Recovery is an extremely important step in training. Athletes always talk about recovery and its impact on performance. Recovery is a lot more than taking a break or getting some rest.

Your muscles need to recover to adapt to the resumption of training. You can only break your muscles down for so long. If you push yourself too hard for too long, you limit the benefits of your training and eventually end up doing yourself more harm than good.

When we give our bodies time to recover, we allow our bodies to do so much more.


Listening to your body is also extremely important. If you feel like you’re beginning to wear out after training sessions, then rest. During certain periods of the season, recovery is almost more effective than training. This will allow you to avoid injuries from training too hard.

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