Essential Equipment For Beginner Swimmers

Getting ready for your first ever swim can be a bit scary. To help you prepare for the water and to make swimming as enjoyable as it can be, here is a list of equipment that could be of great help to you.


There are many types of swimwear out there. What is important is that you choose swimwear that makes you feel comfortable in the water in which you are able to move freely in. Swimwear comes in various styles and sizes, for all men, women and children.


The main purpose for a swim cap is to protect your hair from the damaging effect of chlorine. However, it also provides a smoother profile in the water reducing the amount of drag.


A swim bag is recommended for all swimmers to store all your swimwear accessories, a towel and a change of clothes too.


Packing appropriate pool footwear is recommended for your safety. It can be very wet and slippery around the pool so packing footwear could be important.


As a beginner, training aids these can be very helpful with building leg strength and improve your kick technique. If it’s your first time in the water, they can also help you float in the water and just be more comfortable with getting used to the pool.


Packing a towel is essential! When you get out of the pool after your swim, you’ll be soaking wet, and so packing a towel is a no brainer.


Drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated is important when doing any physical activity. Swimming can be a very draining physical activity and so taking some water with you is highly recommended.


Many swimmers take swimming goggles with them on their swim to protect their eyes from water debris and chlorine. You can grab a nice pair of swim goggles at a good price, and are recommended to maximise comfort in the pool.

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