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Premium Neoprene Swim Vest Pink Leopard

Premium Neoprene Swim Vest Pink Leopard

GIFT YOUR KIDS A LIFE SKILL - Kids love water and they love to learn. Our swim vests will help your toddlers or young children gain confidence in the water allowing them to have fun while learning something that will benefit their health and enjoyment of life.

DEVELOPED FOR SAFETY, WARMTH AND COMFORT - At Limmys all our products are DESIGNED BY PARENTS FOR PARENTS. We have children ourselves and poor experiences with swimming vests before led us to believe there had to be a better solution. So, we designed our own! With the help of our kids we created for you what we believe is the perfect vest!

UNIQUE DESIGN - Why settle for anything but the best? Unlike other designs, your Limmys vest has an added strap that secures under the child's crotch meaning that the vest stays in place and adds to the products safety. The Zip is extra strong to ensure that it doesn't break easily with multiple uses.

NOT ALL CHILDREN ARE THE SAME - We know that it is never easy to choose the right size, so our photos have been created to help you make the right decision on which size is right for your little one.


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