The Importance Behind Teaching Our Children HOW TO SWIM!

The Importance Behind Teaching Our Children HOW TO SWIM!

Baby and toddler swimming classes have become more and more common over the past decade. These swim classes enable them to get comfortable around the water and learn the basics like floating.

Sadly, drowning is the second highest cause of death for children under the age of five. Over a quarter of children leave primary school without being able to swim at all, even with swimming being a part of the school curriculum. Unfortunately with COVID19 striking and with leisure centres/public swimming pools being limited due to the lockdown restrictions, it only added to the problem.

The responsibility therefore falls to the parents to teach their children this essential life skill. There are many online resources including guides and video tutorials to assist parents with this, either from poolside, or in the water with them.

In addition to these resources there are a number of products available for the beginner, from traditional arm bands and inflatable rings to the more technically advanced Swim Vest. A popular choice among many parents is our very own Premium Neoprene Swim Vest. At Limmys, all our products are designed by parents, FOR PARENTS. We have children ourselves and poor experiences with swimming vests before led us to believe there had to be a better solution. So, we designed our own!

Why settle for anything but the best? Unlike other designs, your Limmys vest has an added strap that secures under the child's crotch meaning that the vest stays in place and adds to the products safety. The Zip is extra strong to ensure that it doesn't break easily with multiple uses. Kids love water and they love to learn. Our swim vests will help your toddlers or young children gain confidence in the water allowing them to have fun while learning something that will benefit their health and enjoyment of life.

The vest also has the benefit of packing away flat, making it easy to store along with coming with a drawstring bag to make it convenient to carry and travel with.

As with learning many life skills, learning to swim can take a lot of time, but practice and patience are key. Swimming products including float vests can make the child feel safer and more comfortable in the water and can boost their confidence and help their anxiety.

With Covid restrictions still looming and with swimming facilities working at limited capacity, as well as schools not wanting to dedicate more time in the school curriculum towards swimming, the number of children leaving primary school while not knowing how to swim, is only expected to rise. We should encourage children to take up the activity and learn this important life skill to make sure they’re safe around the water.
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