Britain’s Best Outdoor Pools

Britain’s Best Outdoor Pools

Britain’s best outdoor pools!

With weather in the UK set to creep up to 27 degrees this week, we've rounded up a list of some of the best outdoor pools to help you cool down.

Bristol lido, Somerset
Bristol lido, Somerset Pool


The Bristol Lido is the oldest heated outdoor swimming pool in Britain, formally known as the Clifton lido when it first opened in 1849. Having undergone a huge renovation in 2006, today its modernised, luxurious spa facilities, poolside bar and restaurant make it a popular, exclusive spot. It’s open daily year-round and is heated to 20-24 degrees.

Stonehaven Open Air Swimming Pool, Aberdeenshire

Stonehaven Open Air Swimming Pool


This Olympic-sized pool is filled with seawater collected from Stonehaven Bay, which is then filtered and heated. It opened in 1938 and was used by soliders during WW2. The pool offers midnight swimming, opening from 10pm until midnight during the summer. It also inclues inflatables for kids which makes your life easier!

The Rock Pool, Newcastle

The Rock Pool, Newcastle

The Rock Pool opened in 1933 and is now one of Northern Ireland's last outdoor pools. With the Mourne mountains as a backdrop and the coast of County Down in view, it's a beautiful spot for an outdoor swim. Having being in service for over 90 years and estimaters believing renovation costs to be in the millions, the Rock Pool is at risk of facing closure. If you haven’t visited already, this is a pool definitely worth checking out!

Sandford Parks Lido, Cheltenham

Sandford Parks Lido

With the main pool boasting a length of 50m, in 2012 the pool was used by the Malawi team as their Olympic training facility. The facility also accomodates a family-friendly children's pool, a paddling pool and a few slides along with changing facilities. If you’re looking for a beautiful setting with extensive lawns during an open-air swim, we highly recommend this lido!

Jubilee Pool, Cornwall

Jubilee Pool, Cornwall

The lido is situated on Cornwall’s Battery Rocks, near Penzance Harbour. Hit by storms back in 2014, a £3 million restoration later, this alluring facility re-opened to the public 2 years later. Being the largest sea water lido in the UK, boasting over a million gallons of seawater, you will find breathtaking views out to the Atlantic and the immense backdrop of Mount's Bay and St Michael's Mount. The lido also benefits from a paddle pool as well as a Cubist-style changing facility.

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